About FatMat

FatMat Sound Control has been manufacturing Sound Dampening products for years now. We believe the industry has a large demand for our products and will continue to have this demand for years to come. We have strived from the beginning to bring our customers the best materials at the best prices possible. Thanks to you and all our other customers we have grown to being the internet's largest provider of sound dampening materials We have reached Canada, Australia, The UK as well as many other countries. We also manufacture sound dampening materials for industrial companies as well as automobile manufactures here in the USA.

If you have any suggestions at all or would like to reach us for any reason we ask that you please don't hesitate. Simply click on our contact page and choose the appropriate department. Once again we would love to thank all of you who supported us throughout the years and we vow to continue to bring you more products and the best customer support possible.


FatMat Sound Control