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The Dynamat Alternative for Soundproofing Your Home Theater, Gaming Room, or Sound Studio

PROBLEM: Have you ever had a neighbor or someone else in your house complain about the noise levels coming from your home theater or other entertainment zone? This seems to be a common dilemma, considering that a decent set of TV speakers can reach levels of 110 decibels. Drywall only prevents about 40 dB of noise transfer, so the other 70 dB is left to travel through the floors, ceiling, and walls of your home. Add in top-notch sound equipment and the disruption could be far worse.

Disturbing others while trying to enjoy your favorite show, gaming time, or jam session is every audiophile’s nightmare – it takes the fun right out!

FATMAT SOLUTION: Our mats’ sound-dampening properties will stop the transference of sound from one room to another as it’s absorbed by the material itself. So lining your home theater, gaming, or studio walls, floor, and sound equipment with our FatMat and RattleTrap sound-deadening materials will enable you to revel in an immersive entertainment experience without needlessly aggravating neighbors or family. Plus, you’ll boost the sound quality of your audio system in the process – major win!

How to Apply FatMat & RattleTrap Products to Your Home Theater

WALLS. Adding mass to walls prevents sound from travelling through them. But simply hanging carpets, heavy drapes, or additional layers of drywall will not resolve the issue of sound transference. Soundproofing materials are most effective when they are hidden within the walls, and the heavier the material, the better.

FatMat and RattleTrap mats are ideal sound-deadening materials with which to line the drywall’s interior. It’s easiest to install FatMat when building a new space, but if drywall is already in place you can just remove existing drywall, adhere our product to the back of the drywall, and then re-hang and finish it. The thick, rubberized material will absorb vibrations and sound well before they get the chance to travel through the home.

FLOOR. Floors are one of the biggest and often overlooked culprits for sound transference. They’re susceptible to both impact and airborne noise. If your entertainment space is on a second or third floor, vibrations will easily pass through the floor to rooms below.

The best solution is to lay custom carpet with a thick, soundproof underlayment, but this specialty carpeting can be prohibitively expensive. A more affordable alternative is to adhere our FatMat and RattleTrap sound-deadening materials to the underside of your carpeting in order to achieve maximum sound absorption. If you have hardwood floors and don’t want to install carpeting, large, thick rugs with FatMat sound-deadening materials adhered to the underside will achieve the same extra soundproofing with some added slip resistance built right in. 

SOUND EQUIPMENT. If your entertainment zone audio system includes floor-standing surround sound speakers and/or subwoofers, intense vibrations will pass right through floors to the level below. To prevent that noisy energy transfer you can adhere a section of our FatMat or RattleTrap sound-deadening mats to the underside of each speaker and subwoofer.

FatMat & RattleTrap Products: Your Number One Choice for Soundproofing Your Home Entertainment Spaces

We all love chill time, whether that means kicking back to our favorite movie, zoning out in game mode, or passing hours happily immersed in music. With FatMat Sound Control™ sound-dampening and sound-deadening materials you can ensure that your relaxation isn’t someone else’s aggravation. 

FatMat products are conveniently available to order by the sheet or in bulk kits of up to 200 ft² for any home entertainment application. Different entertainment options call for different sound solutions, so contact us for assistance in choosing the right product and square footage to soundproof the walls, floors, and sound equipment in your home’s entertainment room.

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