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For many of us, our vehicle is our safe haven, a space and a means to get away. We often work to control everything about our ride, including comfort and sound quality. So if either are compromised, an affordable and readily available option is always appreciated. 

If sound control, road noise, and engine heat are concerns you’re dealing with, FatMat is here to help.

The Dynamat Alternative for Soundproofing and Insulating Your Car, Truck, Van, or SUV

PROBLEM: Does engine noise overshadow music during road trips? Do you find that vibrations from the car’s components compete with your stereo system? Is it difficult to carry on a normal conversation or hear GPS navigation because of road noise? Those are annoying enough, but you might also struggle to keep your vehicle as cool or warm as you’d like. 

After handling routine maintenance and ruling out any mechanical problems, it’s time to investigate sound-deadening products. This is not a situation you have to deal with, and FatMat is here to fix it!

SOLUTION: If road noise is stealing your stereo’s quality sound, FatMat and RattleTrap sound-deadening products will work to stop nasty rattles, vibrations, and road and engine noise. They’ll also drastically improve the sound of your vehicle’s stereo system and reduce unwanted heat or cold transfer, making the most of your vehicle’s climate control system. Whether you opt for a part-specific kit or buy in bulk, our soundproofing materials will get the job done.

Auto Applications for FatMat and Rattletrap Sound-Deadening Products

  • FatMat and Rattletrap products are ideal for retrofitting to improve sound quality 
  • Use our soundproofing materials to quiet engine noise in vintage or diesel-powered vehicles
  • Affordably upgrade your current ride to feel more like an expensive, luxury vehicle 

All of our rubberized compound mats are engineered to reduce both structure-borne and airborne vibrations and resulting noise. FatMat and Rattletrap are available by the sheet, in bulk packs, and in kits specific to your vehicle’s license plate, trunk, speakers, or doors. 

FatMat & RattleTrap Products: Your Number One Choice for Soundproofing & Insulating Your Personal Vehicle

Use FatMat to turn your vehicle into the hyper-personalized ride you crave. Browse our selection of sound-dampening and thermal insulating materials, conveniently available in a variety of premeasured and bulk kits, up to 200 ft². FatMat Sound Control™ has the just-right soundproofing options for any application. Contact us for assistance in choosing the best product and determining the needed square footage to line your vehicle. 

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