Why Are Some Cars Noisier Than Others?

September 1, 2019

The noise level in a car has a lot to do with the amount of insulation your car has installed in it from the manufacturer. For example, a Lexus may have between 41 and 48 decibels of noise during an average car ride. In comparison, a Toyota would have a range of between 45 and 70 decibels on its average ride around a neighborhood. When you're driving on the highway, you'll experience even higher levels of noise because of the tires moving quickly on the pavement and the extra vibrations from added speed.

The inside of door panels are notorious for not having much insulation to protect against road noise. This leads to a very unpleasant ride experience. You can even test this by knocking on the outside of your door panel. If it sounds hollow and has an echo, you can probably be sure that there wasn't much insulation installed in the door, whereas if it sounds more solid and not as tinny, the car probably has better insulation.

The great news is that you can add sound insulation to your car, even if your manufacturer didn't do a very good job with it. FatMat and Rattle Trap sound deadening products are the perfect solution to the noise problem in your vehicle. The trunk, door panels, under the hood, floor, and inside roof of the car are the perfect places for more insulation. While you may have to remove paneling, fabric, or carpeting, you'll be glad you took the time to perform a quality install on your vehicle since sound dampeners will really improve your ride experience. With FatMat's easy installation kit, instructions, and self-adhesive backing, you'll find that you can install the insulation effectively. The line of FatMat products are designed to give you more insulation where you need it, without extra thickness when there isn't space for it, like under your floor carpet.

If you love listening to loud music with deep bass, you'll also appreciate the added benefit of our sound deadening material which is reduced rattle. Show off your expensive stereo in style with less rattle and better sound quality by using FatMat's products.

So order some FatMat sound dampening products for your vehicle to turn it from an average car, to a luxury sounding, and feeling car.

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