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Multi-Industry Applications

  • FatMat Automotive Sound Deadener Products

    The classic sound deadening mat! Our 50 mil nominal rubberized compound is covered with a shiny, protective aluminum top and a waxed paper release bottom.

    Starting at: $36.70

  • Rattle Trap Super Stick Sound Deadening Mat Products

    RattleTrap is three times more effective than leading sound-deadening materials! With an 80 mil nominal thickness, patented rubberized compound, and super seal formula that sticks to virtually any surface, this is the next step up!

    Starting at: $50.58

  • A true rubberized butyl product at an affordable cost! The Mega Mat is a thicker, 70 mil nominal butyl rubber compound containing less fillers. The sound-deadening mats are covered with a shiny protective aluminum top and a plastic release bottom.

    Starting at: $50.99

  • For absorbing and dispersing heat evenly without reflecting it back into the engine - these hood liners are highly resistant to heat, moisture, and chemicals. These sound-dampening liners are made with our exclusive design.

    Starting at: $75.99

  • Create a sound barrier between the road and the floor of your car so even the loudest road noise and vibrations can't penetrate. These liners offer soundproofing and thermal insulating properties over a broad range of temperatures and frequencies.

    Starting at: $72.99

  • We offer additional installation kits, and decals so that you can make your FatMat product installation even easier, as well as show off your car in style.

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