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So what's Included In Your FatMat Bulk Pack?

  • Roller For Easy Installation
  • FatMat Handy Cutting Knife
  • FatMat Decal Featured Below
  • Installation Instructions

An important consideration in the sound dampening of automobiles, boats, homes, computers and buildings is of course selecting the correct products that will be most effective in your application. Here you find the product that started it all for us, FatMat. Our 50 mil nominal rubberized compound is covered with a shiny protective aluminum top as well as a waxed paper release bottom it's exactly what your looking for in order to stop those nasty rattles, eliminate road and outside noise, insulate your vehicle and dramatically improve the sound of your car audio stereo system. As a matter of fact we are so confident that you are going to be 100% satisfied with our products that we offer our exclusive fatmat 100% satisfaction guarantee seal with every package.


  • Shipping Through UPS or USPS
  • Thickness 50 mil nominal
  • 10 Sq Ft - 2 Sheets 18in x 40in
  • 25 Sq Ft - 1 Roll 18in X 16.75ft 
  • 36 Sq Ft - 9 Sheets 18in x 32in
  • 50 Sq Ft - 1 Roll 33.5ft X 18in
  • 75 Sq Ft - 1 Roll of 18in x 33.5ft and 1 Roll of 18in x 16.75ft
  • 100 Sq Ft - 2 Rolls 33.5ft X 18in
  • 125 Sq Ft - 2 Rolls of 18in x 33.5ft and 1 Roll of 18in x 16.75ft
  • 150 Sq Ft - 3 Rolls 18in x 33.5ft
  • 175 Sq Ft - 3 Rolls of 18in x 33.5ft and 1 Roll of 18in x 16.75ft
  • 200 Sq Ft - 4 Rolls 18in x 33.5ft

All packages are professionally packaged, double taped and ship usually the same day! We do offer expedited shipping however these orders must be called in directly a must be placed by 1:00pm est.

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