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FatMat Floor Liner | Sound and Vibration Dampener
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This is our Special Floor Liner designed to create a sound barrier between you, the road, and the floor that even the loudest road noise and vibrations won't be able to penetrate. Our Floor Liners are made of state of the art technology and materials including a dense organic filled vinyl based polymer which is designed to offer transmission loss properties over a broad temperature and frequency range. Nothing in the automotive industry even comes close to our FatMat Acoustical Barrier Floor Liners.


  • 1 Pound LB/SFT Loaded Vinyl Barrier
  • 1/4 Thick Acoustical Foam Decoupler
  • 4 Mil Acrylic PSA Backing

What's Included In Your Liner Package

  • 1 54" X 24" Liner (9 sq ft)
  • Installation Instructions
Liner Specifications Test Value
Thickness in. -- 3/4 in
Basis Weight, oz/ft2 -- 16 oz
Stiffness Mpa ASTM D 747 26
Special Gravity, gm/cc ASTM D 792 1.85
Elongation % Min ASTM D 412 die c 210
Tear lb/in, Min ASTM D 624 die c 90
Hardness, Shore A2 ASTM D 2240 85
Flammability MVSS DOT 302 PASS
Temperature Range -- -40 - +250

Transmission Loss (in dB)

Weight(Mass) Thickness (in) (lbs/sft) 1.0 (0.105)

Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
  15 17 21 28 34 38

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