Car Audio Software Downloads

We are in no way responsible for any technical issues that may arise when using any of the below software programs. We have used them all with great ease of use and terrific results. We hope you may find the below programs as beneficial as we have.

Boxplot 3.0 is an easy to use shareware program for beginners, written by Rick Carlson. It can be used to design subwoofer boxes and crossovers. (Win9.x - 243 KB)

Blaubox can also be used to design subwoofer boxes. (DOS - 216 KB)

LspCAD Lite Download the demo version. Can calculate many types of subwoofer enclosures and crossovers. For advanced builders only... (467 KB)

CALSOD, developed by Audiosoft now have a web site. You can download a demo, and if you have an older version you can download the updated user manual that you can read in. (Win9.x - 190 KB)

Turbo Bass is a precise tool developed to specifically design a cabinet to perform in the confines of a car boot tuned to cope with road noise and internal pressure. All you need is a technical data sheet from the manufacturer of the mid range, woofer or sub woofer. You only need 3 of the parameters to Calculate the desired cabinet needed. (74 KB)

AJ Sealed Designer 1.0 This is subwoofer design software for solving the required calculations and parameters for sealed-box designs. This software includes frequency and power response plots. It is intended for the hobbyist, audio enthusiast, and DIY speaker builder. (640 KB)

High performance screensaver Looking for a high performance screen saver? This is one of the best ones we have found. (13 MB)