Sound Deadener Defined

One of the most crucial enhancements you can make to your vehicle is the use of sound dampening products! FatMat extreme will stop nasty rattles, vibrations, and road noise as well as increase your car audio's sound & bass, and we guarantee it or your money back! Nothing even compares to the value and quality that you will get with FatMat Sound Dampening products. The key ingredients to any vehicle are the way they perform, the way they drive, the way they look, and of course the way they sound. Automobile manufactures for years now have left one of these elements out. And that's Sound! Although they usually do add some sort of sound dampening protection, it does not, and cannot meet the needs and demands of today's industry. Standard vehicles for most of us just is not an option, we want power, we want looks, we want it to rumble and we want it to sound amazing! The side effect of all these upgrades are that you will add a great deal of heat, inside and outside noise, vibration and rattles. Fatmat & Rattle Trap products will eliminate all of these effects and make your ride sound and feel like a million bucks!

Car audio dampener, noise killer

Stop rattle & vibrations, Dynamat alternative

Eliminate loud exhaust, stop road noise

Best sound deadener proven results

Sound deadener works wonders

We specialize in the sound dampening industry, we know our products & we know what you want. We offer the highest quality sound deadening materials on the market at the best prices available anywhere. If you do choose to use FatMat in your install you can be assured that we will stand behind you every step of the way. From the point of sale to the installation we offer our customers full support. We offer phone, e-mail and install guides to assure your installation goes smooth and your questions don't go unanswered.

Customer Testimonials

I just installed Fatmat in my 03 Ram 2500 and I got to thank you so much for having such a great product. My exhaust is aftermarket and the thing is loud as hell, could 't even have a conversation in the truck while traveling. I decided to try and sound deaden my entire cab floor and doors, the results are outstanding, plain as night and day. I have recommended this product to everyone. Thanks again for the great service and product.

Shawn Wilson

The Dynamat Xtreme alternative!

Without question our most popular product is Fatmat eXtreme, many reason attribute to this such as its effectiveness in eliminate rattles, vibrations, road noise, exhaust noise, engine noise and the like. Fatmat also has some nice insulation properties acting as an insulator to maximize your vehicles cooling & heating systems. So regardless of what your looking to accomplish chances are we've gotcha covered!

So Why Is Fatmat Your #1 Choice?

FatMat Sound Deadener

  • Rubberized Compound-FatMat sound deadener has a rubberized compound that is fused with a 1 mil Acrylic PSA "Pressure Sensitive Adhesive" Backing. This is the barrier used to absorb the nasty noises you don't want to hear (Rattles, Road Noise, etc.). The PSA backing is strong and very effective in keeping your mat where you want it. Unlike other products on the market, with FatMat you will not need any heating guns or other tools to install it, it's made to form and fuse to just about any surface possible, and it adheres better than any other mats on the market as our customers all agree. The last thing you want is for your mat to fall off in a week after you worked so hard installing it right? The nightmares of using other brand mats would make anyone wish they had used FatMat first.
  • Aluminum Layer - This is a 3 mil aluminum constraining layer fused to the top of the rubberized compound. Using this layer allows our product to be thinner, and lighter, yet more effective than other sound deadeners on the market.
  • Paper Release Liner - Our paper release liner is a waxed paper for easy release. It's so simple to install, simply peel and apply. And being that you don't need those hot, messy heating tools to warm up our product first your install just becomes fun and easy.

Damping Vibrations With Fatmat

FatMat Sound Deadener is made to absorb the vibrations and noises that travel through it, giving you a dramatic reduction in irritating noises. Applying FatMat in order to quiet vibrations can result in as much as a 3 dB gain in sound. This result means that your music would sound twice as loud, as if you'd doubled your amplifier power!

FatMat sheets are simple to cut, so you can apply them in all the odd-shaped nooks and crannies in your vehicle. FatMat comes in a variety of kits and bulk packs so you can get the most appropriate pieces of FatMat for each part of your car, with little waste of material or money.