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The Dynamat Alternative for Soundproofing and Insulating Your Commercial Operations

Commercial soundproofing needs run the gamut. From quieting naturally noisy materials and absorbing operational vibration, to softening bad acoustics and background noise that can disturb clients or even threaten employees’ wellness, there are so many ways that soundproofing can be utilized to benefit your business.

And no matter the soundproofing or insulating need, FatMat’s proprietary sound-deadening materials can handle the job. From custom projects on Hollywood sets to product, facility, or other unique commercial and industrial applications, FatMat, Rattletrap, and Mega Mat are up to the task. 

So if clients or employees are letting you know that the noise needs to be addressed, jump on their feedback and give us a call. Just add FatMat to your design to deaden unwanted noise, rattles, or vibrations in your final product, and loud background noise in commercial or industrial spaces. All parties involved will be thrilled with the added value that quiet operations bring. 

Investigate our trio of high-quality, affordable soundproofing and insulating products:

  • FatMat is our flagship product. It’s a meaningful addition to your soundproofing efforts, measuring in at 50 mil of nominal rubberized compound.
  • Rattle Trap Super Stick is unlike any other sound-deadening mat. Its patented super seal formula will stick to just about anything and stay put for the life of your product.
  • Mega Mat is our deluxe option. It’s our thickest sound-deadening product and is a true rubberized butyl compound. 

Every FatMat product will help to put an end to annoying rattles and noise, provide insulation, and dramatically affect the operational sound of your end product, commercial, or industrial space. Selections are conveniently available in a variety of sheet sizes and bulk packs.

How to Apply FatMat Products

Our simple peel-and-stick application method takes only a few minutes. Visit our dedicated installation webpage for a detailed, step-by-step guide.

FatMat Products Are Your Number One Choice for Commercial Soundproofing and Insulating

FatMat can be used in any number of manufactured products, space soundproofing projects, or custom applications. Anywhere you’d like to reduce noise and create a more measured audio profile, FatMat is the answer. Our soundproofing products also help to insulate from excessive heat or cold, extending the life of products and improving working environments. The applications are truly endless! 

At FatMat Sound Control™ our goal is to create a flexible product that inspires innovation. If you need to incorporate soundproofing into your product, facility, or other unique commercial application, we have what you need. You can purchase our products in bulk or subscribe to a regular delivery program so that you’re never without sound control options. Contact us for help in choosing the right product and square footage, or for a custom quote. Let’s get this project started!

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