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Soundproofing and Insulating Your Watercraft

Marine activities are noisy affairs by nature, but unwanted noise and vibration coming from a motor, generator, or wave action can put a real damper on the fun. FatMat’s proprietary sound-deadening products work to quiet and subdue those annoying factors, creating a more enjoyable voyage each and every time. 

With our durable, high-quality soundproofing in place, structure-borne vibration and conducted noise are a thing of the past. FatMat makes for smoother sailing and less noise migration so that you can more fully enjoy your time spent with friends, family, and nature.

The range of possible marine applications of FatMat products are vast, and require some in-depth knowledge surrounding the physics and mechanics of your vessel. Working with FatMat technicians ensures that you choose the optimal product for your specific needs. 

When you’re looking to control sound while out on the water, it’s worth investigating our top three soundproofing and insulating products:

  • FatMat is our flagship product. It’s a meaningful addition to your sound-proofing efforts, measuring in at 50 mil of nominal rubberized compound.

  • Rattle Trap Super Stick is unlike any other sound-deadening mat. Its patented super seal formula will stick to just about any surface and stay put indefinitely.

  • Mega Mat is our deluxe option. It’s our thickest sound-deadening product and is a true rubberized butyl compound. 

Every FatMat product will help to put an end to annoying rattles, conducted noise, and the effects of extreme temperatures while dramatically improving on-board atmosphere. Selections are available in a variety of sheet sizes and bulk packs for your convenience. 

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast looking to outfit your prized vessel or a manufacturer focused on redesigning and better incorporating sound-deadening technology into your end products, FatMat has solutions. Get in touch to learn more!

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