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Commercial soundproofing needs run the gamut. From quieting naturally noisy materials and absorbing operational vibration, to softening bad acoustics and background noise that can disturb clients or even threaten employees’ wellness, there are so many ways that soundproofing can be utilized to benefit your business.

And no matter the soundproofing or insulating need, FatMat’s proprietary sound-deadening materials can handle the job. From custom projects on Hollywood sets to product, facility, or other unique commercial and industrial applications, FatMat, Rattletrap, and Mega Mat are up to the task. 

So if clients or employees are letting you know that the noise needs to be addressed, jump on their feedback and give us a call. Just add FatMat to your design to deaden unwanted noise, rattles, or vibrations in your final product, and loud background noise in commercial or industrial spaces. All parties involved will be thrilled with the added value that quiet operations bring. 

Investigate our trio of high-quality, affordable soundproofing and insulating products:

  • FatMat is our flagship product. It’s a meaningful addition to your soundproofing efforts, measuring in at 50 mil of nominal rubberized compound.

  • Rattle Trap Super Stick is unlike any other sound-deadening mat. Its patented super seal formula will stick to just about anything and stay put for the life of your product.

  • Mega Mat is our deluxe option. It’s our thickest sound-deadening product and is a true rubberized butyl compound. 

Every FatMat product will help to put an end to annoying rattles and noise, provide insulation, and dramatically affect the operational sound of your end product, commercial, or industrial space. Selections are conveniently available in a variety of sheet sizes and bulk packs.

manufactured products

Built-In Soundproofing and Insulation

As a business owner, product developer, or quality assurance officer, you know that the products you offer your customers should fill a need or solve a problem. That’s what keeps them coming back. But even if your product does what it’s designed to do, the materials or execution could lead to unintended consequences, like excessive harsh noises or exposure to thermal extremes. But there’s a simple solution – build FatMat and Rattletrap products into your design to dampen noise, absorb vibration, and protect against harsh environments.

Sound-Dampening Materials Reduce Noise from Impact and Operation

PROBLEM: Your business crafts quality products, but your chosen materials could naturally generate loud noise. The decibel level that comes from dropping items onto a material like stainless steel can be louder than a nearby car horn or even a chainsaw! Metal construction brings extra noise to normal operation – it can be annoying, disruptive, or even painful.

SOLUTION: Instead of leaving it to customers to wade through countless online tutorials and buy various products to solve the problem, rely on FatMat’s simple application and streamlined approach. One layer of our self-adhesive sound-deadening FatMat material is all you need to absorb sound and quiet any harsh, metallic noise generated by the normal use of your product.

Incorporate FatMat, Rattletrap, or Mega Mat, depending on the end use of your product, and eliminate a common customer complaint right at the point of production.

Real-life and Practical: Commercial Uses of FatMat Soundproofing and Insulating Products

  • Stainless steel sinks are everywhere, from homes to industrial and laboratory settings. But even high-quality options are rough when it comes to clanging dishes, silverware, and other utensils or instruments. This is especially true in commercial kitchens. Just one layer of FatMat or Rattletrap is guaranteed to quiet unwanted noise and absorb vibrations.

  • Trash chutes are a must in high-occupancy apartment buildings and various commercial, industrial, and healthcare settings. Their typically thin metal construction means that many items finding their way down the chute will cause raucous and disruptive noise. Instead of reengineering construction, opt for a simple application of any of FatMat’s sound-deadening materials. 

  • Car conversion is an up-and-coming business, and companies need to ensure that they’re taking all precautions to deliver a safe product to customers. These converted vehicles have a unique set of circumstances in which temperature, vibrations, and sound control intersect. Depending on the specific vehicle along with its intended use, FatMat and Rattletrap may be the ideal solution for a project.

FatMat, Rattletrap, and Mega Mat soundproofing materials are available in small sample sizes, bulk orders, and even wholesale. From planning stages to final production, we have what you need to deliver a top-notch product to your customers.

commerical spaces

Soundproofing and Insulating Any Commercial Space

Regardless of what you produce, a common by-product of commercial production is noise – lots of it. Overheating or freezing temperatures can also pose a risk to equipment and workers. Eliminate all these threats with an easy-to-install layer of FatMat or Rattletrap products and stop excessive noise in its tracks.

Sound-Dampening Materials Reduce Noise from Impact and Operation in Commercial Spaces

PROBLEM: On a busy production floor or anywhere else machinery is working away, noise is going to be a major contributing factor to how employees view their work environment. OSHA and other authorities know that prolonged or excessive noise exposure can cause irreversible hearing damage. Noise pollution can also be at the root of a wide range of other health problems.

SOLUTION: Take the first step to make your facility more worker-friendly by incorporating FatMat, Rattletrap, or Mega Mat in your commercial space, eliminating excessive noise and improving the overall working environment. Our products also protect against exposure to extreme temperatures, steering employees and equipment clear of real and lasting harm.

Real-life and Practical: Use FatMat Soundproofing and Insulating Products In Your Commercial Space

  • Industrial and commercial machinery is noisy by nature, whether it’s located in a room by itself, or on the floor with workers. A simple application of FatMat products goes far to prevent operational heat or vibration from shortening the life of expensive equipment. It also makes for a much less abrasive environment for anyone nearby.

  • Restaurant kitchens and dishwashing stations see scores of dishes, cookware, and sharp, metallic utensils each day. Depending on the acoustics of your building, routine clanging and harsh noise can make their way into the dining room and make work difficult for staff. FatMat and Rattletrap can be applied to individual appliances, fixtures, or entire spaces to dampen unwanted noise and protect from excessive heat.

  • Recording studios are built to make noise. But surrounding businesses and neighbors didn’t sign up for a daily, raucous show. Use FatMat and Mega Mat to keep innovative jam sessions a private affair and to protect equipment from overheating during long rehearsals. 

These are just a few ways to use FatMat products, but we’ve built in an unmatched level of versatility to each sheet and bulk roll. Because regardless of the project you take on, it’s hard to plan for every situation. So if your niche industry finds you struggling to soundproof a space, or if unchecked environmental volume poses a serious risk to your employees’ comfort and health.


Meet Every Soundproofing and Insulating Need

Our products have seen it all – FatMat, Rattletrap, and Mega Mat have been integrated into a wide variety of one-of-a-kind projects, even showing up behind the scenes on Hollywood sets. 

From the outset, our goal has been to create a flexible product so versatile in its possible applications that it can’t help but inspire innovation. The potential uses for FatMat are truly endless.

Sound-Dampening Materials Reduce Noise and Improve Thermal Insulation

PROBLEM: Does your line of work often find you solving audio-related problems? Are you working on a prototype and just can’t get a handle on sound control? Is thermal protection key to your next big project? FatMat has your practical, affordable, all-in-one solution.

SOLUTION: Every FatMat product works to end annoying rattles and excessive noise while both providing insulation and dramatically affecting the quality of your end product. FatMat is available in bulk quantities or through a custom subscription service. That way you’ll never run out of top-tier sound and thermal protection for your next big project.

Potential Uses for FatMat Products Include:

  • Offices and conference rooms

  • Gymnasiums and fitness centers

  • Factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants

  • Clean rooms

  • Auditoriums

  • Bars, restaurants, and nightclubs

  • Hotel rooms

  • Libraries

  • Dog kennels

  • Daycare facilities

  • Gun and firing ranges

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