FatMat Sound-Deadening Materials for Commercial Spaces

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The Dynamat Alternative for Soundproofing and Insulating Any Commercial Space

Regardless of what you produce, a common by-product of commercial production is noise – lots of it. Overheating or freezing temperatures can also pose a risk to equipment and workers. Eliminate all these threats with an easy-to-install layer of FatMat or Rattletrap products and stop excessive noise in its tracks.

Sound-Dampening Materials Reduce Noise from Impact and Operation in Commercial Spaces

PROBLEM: On a busy production floor or anywhere else machinery is working away, noise is going to be a major contributing factor to how employees view their work environment. OSHA and other authorities know that prolonged or excessive noise exposure can cause irreversible hearing damage. Noise pollution can also be at the root of a wide range of other health problems.

SOLUTION: Take the first step to make your facility more worker-friendly by incorporating FatMat, Rattletrap, or Mega Mat in your commercial space, eliminating excessive noise and improving the overall working environment. Our products also protect against exposure to extreme temperatures, steering employees and equipment clear of real and lasting harm.

Real-life and Practical: Use FatMat Soundproofing and Insulating Products In Your Commercial Space

  • Industrial and commercial machinery is noisy by nature, whether it’s located in a room by itself, or on the floor with workers. A simple application of FatMat products goes far to prevent operational heat or vibration from shortening the life of expensive equipment. It also makes for a much less abrasive environment for anyone nearby.
  • Restaurant kitchens and dishwashing stations see scores of dishes, cookware, and sharp, metallic utensils each day. Depending on the acoustics of your building, routine clanging and harsh noise can make their way into the dining room and make work difficult for staff. FatMat and Rattletrap can be applied to individual appliances, fixtures, or entire spaces to dampen unwanted noise and protect from excessive heat.
  • Recording studios are built to make noise. But surrounding businesses and neighbors didn’t sign up for a daily, raucous show. Use FatMat and Mega Mat to keep innovative jam sessions a private affair and to protect equipment from overheating during long rehearsals. 

These are just a few ways to use FatMat products, but we’ve built in an unmatched level of versatility to each sheet and bulk roll. Because regardless of the project you take on, it’s hard to plan for every situation. So if your niche industry finds you struggling to soundproof a space, or if unchecked environmental volume poses a serious risk to your employees’ comfort and health, give us a call. FatMat is glad to help you solve your unique problem and we’re always up for a challenge!

FatMat Products Are Your Number One Choice for Soundproofing and Insulating Commercial Spaces

Use FatMat products in any setting that takes noise to a new, uncomfortable level. From industrial and commercial production to restaurants, recording studios, and beyond, if you need to reduce unwanted noise or extreme temperatures, we have the answer. Comfortable and quiet surroundings will enhance the value of your products and improve safety for employees. Our soundproofing products insulate from both excessive heat and cold, extending the life of whatever they’re paired with. 

Our goal is to create a flexible product that inspires innovation. With a little creativity, the applications are endless! Our selection of sound-dampening and thermal insulating materials are available in bulk kits up to 200 ft². Contact us for assistance in choosing the right product and determining the ideal square footage for your desired application.

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