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The Dynamat Alternative for Soundproofing and Insulating Your Home

Your home is your domain. It’s a safe place to relax and unwind, and can provide plenty of opportunities for you to express yourself. Don’t let loud appliances, ductwork, or other sources of unwanted noise get in your way. FatMat products have wide application across the home and are a great way to customize your living spaces.

From a luxe home theater, a tech-centric studio space, or a quiet retreat to rest or get work done, the throughline is the need for sound control. Whether you’re keeping sound in or need to stop noise at the door, FatMat, Rattletrap, and Mega Mat will help you to achieve that goal.

When you’re looking to control sound in your home, it’s worth investigating our top three soundproofing and insulating products:

  • FatMat is our flagship product. It’s a meaningful addition to your sound-proofing efforts, measuring in at 50 mil of nominal rubberized compound.
  • Rattle Trap Super Stick is unlike any other sound-deadening mat. Its patented super seal formula will stick to just about any surface and stay put indefinitely.
  • Mega Mat is our deluxe option. It’s our thickest sound-deadening product and is a true rubberized butyl compound. 

Every FatMat product will help to put an end to annoying rattles and noise, the effects of extreme temperatures, and dramatically improve your home’s atmosphere. Selections are available in a variety of sheet sizes and bulk packs for your convenience.

How to Apply FatMat Products In Your Home

Our simple peel-and-stick application method takes only a few minutes. Visit our dedicated installation webpage for a detailed, step-by-step guide.

FatMat Products Are Your Number One Choice for Home Soundproofing

FatMat products can be used in a host of ways across your home, from basement or garage to attic, and every room in between. Quiet those jarring noises coming from your appliances and HVAC system, and create spaces that are ideally suited to entertainment, relaxation, and achievement. Anywhere you’d like to reduce the impact of operational noise or environmental factors, FatMat is the answer – a more peaceful home is well within reach! 

At FatMat Sound Control™ we are ready to help you outfit your home for maximum enjoyment. Contact us for assistance in choosing the right product and determining the necessary square footage for your next home project.

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