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Whether you’re indulging a creative passion, stepping out as an at-home entrepreneur, bringing the office home, or looking for a peaceful space to relax and recoup, FatMat has solutions for you. No matter how you’re working or living in your home, privacy, quietude, and a comfortable environment are vital elements. And with the help of FatMat soundproofing products you can afford to make your home a more functional and peaceful place to get things done.

The Dynamat Alternative for Soundproofing & Insulating Any Room in the Home

PROBLEM: Does your garage double as a rehearsal space or production station? Are you building inventory for your metalworking or carpentry business in your basement workshop? Maybe you’re working from home, often vocalizing sensitive information or operating at odd hours. Are you a content creator trying to film in a shared space? Or is your bedroom or study zone next to the busiest room in the house? 

Any of these situations calls for the ultimate in sound control, and low-tech attempts just won’t cut it. But besides dealing with or generating excess noise, spaces could also be exposed to more extreme environmental conditions and resulting temperature fluctuations. Uncomfortable heat or cold can make it difficult to operate equipment or to maintain good working and living conditions.

SOLUTION: FatMat products like Rattletrap and Mega Mat help to put an end to annoying rattles and noise, provide thermal insulation, and dramatically affect the sound control in any space within the home. Adding FatMat’s proprietary soundproofing mats within walls and on ceilings, floors, and doors can create a highly effective barrier and keep sound where it belongs. 

How to Apply FatMat & RattleTrap Products In Your Living & Working Spaces

Our simple peel-and-stick application only takes a few minutes. Visit our dedicated installation webpage for a detailed, step-by-step guide, and get in touch with us for questions on more specific applications.

FatMat & RattleTrap Products: Your Number One Choice for Soundproofing & Insulating Any Room in Your Home

These days, our homes aren’t just places to relax while entertaining family and friends – they’re also our offices, production facilities, and sound studios. That’s one multifunctional space, and those are a lot of potentially annoying or disruptive sounds that are being created. Protect yourself, your family, and neighbors from unwanted and excessive noise, vibration, or temperature extremes with a simple application of one of FatMat’s exclusive soundproofing products. Selections are conveniently available in a variety of sheet sizes and bulk packs for a wide array of sound-deadening needs.

The expert technicians at FatMat Sound Control™ are ready to help you make your home more versatile – reach out to us today!

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