FatMat Sound-Deadening Materials for Vehicle Applications: Commercial Auto & Semi Trucks

For truck drivers, the driver cabin is both a home and an office. And for those who are working on the road in vans, buses, and converted vehicles, making your interior space a comfortable place to work can be a big challenge. FatMat’s sound-deadening materials can be applied to your vehicle’s hood and engine compartments, door panels, firewalls, and floors to significantly reduce the transfer of noise, vibration, and heat into your vehicle’s cabin.

The Dynamat Alternative for Soundproofing & Insulating Vehicles in the Trucking Industry

The high-volume noises associated with driving a heavy truck on the highway for hours on end combined with the excessive heat generated by the engine below your driver cab often create a loud, hot environment that is more than just an annoyance. Long-term exposure to these conditions also poses serious health risks to truck drivers.

Sound-Dampening Materials Reduce Road Noise & Vibrations

PROBLEM: Did you know that while driving on the highway at 65-70 miles per hour, the noise level inside your truck averages between 80 and 90 decibels? That’s the equivalent of sitting next to a running vacuum cleaner or garbage disposal! As a result, noise-induced hearing loss is a real health risk for truck drivers, especially those who keep one or both of their windows open while on the road.

FATMAT SOLUTION: FatMat and RattleTrap products are guaranteed to stop nasty rattles, vibrations, and road and engine noise as well as drastically improve the sound of your truck’s stereo system. Our acoustical grade foam is designed for optimal sound absorption over a broad frequency range, reducing the decibel levels within your driver cab for a smoother, quieter ride.

Improve Thermal Insulation in Your Driver Cab & Sleeper

PROBLEM: During the heat of summer, your semi-truck’s firewall and floor pan are being cooked by over 200°F of heat. The engine, manifold, and exhaust generate a tremendous amount of heat that penetrates your truck’s metal firewall and floor. Your AC system must therefore work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your truck.

FATMAT SOLUTION: FatMat and RattleTrap products will reduce the heat transfer into your truck’s interior. This additional insulation will maximize the effectiveness of your truck’s heating and cooling systems, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Our hood liners absorb up to 98% of heat and disperse it evenly without reflecting it back into the engine.

Additional Vehicle Applications

Besides the trucking industry, there are plenty of other niche industries and large fleets that require workers to spend their days inside vehicles, out on the road. These are ideal opportunities to make use of the noise reduction and thermal protection that FatMat products provide. Here are just a few possible applications for our versatile soundproofing mats:

  • Food trucks
  • Mobile pet grooming vehicles
  • Mobile medical vehicles
  • Police surveillance vehicles
  • Military vehicles
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Public transportation
  • Paratransit vehicles
  • School buses
  • Mobile classrooms
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Waste collection vehicles
  • Heavy duty construction equipment

Not only are these vehicles typically not designed with acoustics in mind, but they may also include on-board generators or a stripped-down interior. Both factors will lead to engine noise and heat being easily transferred into the cabin or passenger compartments. Meanwhile, temperature control is also vital to safe operation for both workers and passengers. And the risk of hearing damage from repeated exposure to excessive noise is also a very real concern. 

FatMat’s quality sound-deadening products address all these needs and aid in creating a safe and comfortable workspace, even when within a vehicle.

FatMat & RattleTrap Products: Your Number One Choice for Soundproofing & Insulating Your Commercial Vehicles

Your job waits for no one. Taking care of business could mean serving clients from a mobile workspace, transporting goods cross-country, or operating heavy equipment to further a trade. In any of these cases, a comfortable, quiet, and ergonomic experience will improve productivity and create safer working conditions. 

Browse our selection of sound-dampening and thermal insulating materials, which are available in bulk kits up to 200 ft². FatMat Sound Control™ has the just-right soundproofing mat for any application. Contact us for assistance in choosing the best product and determining the needed square footage to line your commercial vehicle.

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