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This is our Special hood liner designed to absorb the heat and disperse it evenly without reflecting it back into the engine. Understanding our customers spend thousands of dollars to keep the engine cool we have designed a hood liner special for you. Our hood liners are made with our exclusive FATDAMP® Acoustical foam, 3/4" thick, with a black Urethane film facing and a 4 mil nominal acrylic PSA backing. Our foam is a acoustical grade open cell, flexible, modified poly ether polyurethane foam designed for optimal sound absorption over a broad frequency range. It has excellent resistance to heat, moisture and non aromatic petro chemicals. Our hood liners are larger than dynamat hood liners as well as more effective.

Benefits & Features

  • Stop Engine Noise
  • Stop Heat from destroying your paint
  • Heat Absorption up to 98%

What's Included In Your Liner Package

  • 54" X 34" eXtreme Acoustical Liner W/Urethane Facing
  • Free FatMat Decal
  • Installation Instructions
  • Liner Kit Includes
    • 2 Sheets 18in X 54in

    • Free FatMat Roller For Easy Installation

    • Free FatMat Handy Cutting Knife

Liner SpecificationsMetricEnglish
Cell Size ppcm (ppi)25-365-5
Tear N/M (lb/in)4502.0
Elongation %110110
Compression Set % (22hr @ 90%)1010
Ait Permeability: m3/min. (scfm)(@ 25.4mm thickness0.011 - 0.0421.0 - 4.0
Thermal Conductivity K. Cal/hr m2, 0C/m(BTU/hr, ft2, 0F/in)48.25

Flame Resistant
Meets UL 94 HBF, MVSS - 302, SAE J-369b

Service Temp
43*(-45*F) to 100*C(212*F) continuous up tp 138*(280*F) intermittent

Humidity Resistant
Excellent; no significant decrease in tensile strength or elongation after 5 hours of steam autocave at 250*F (121*C) per ASTM D3574-86, Test J

Chemical Resistant
Excellent; no significant decrease in strength after 4 weeks immersion in common solvents, alkalies, acids and water

FatMat Black Urethane Hood Liner

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