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3X's more effective than leading sound deadeners!


FatMat is pleased to introduce the Rattle Trap Super Stick Sound Deadener. Rattle Trap Super Stick is unlike any other mats available and has a patented super seal formula that sticks to virtually anything! Not only will it stick, it will stay there once installed for the life of your car.

Once the mat is separated from the paper release liner you will immediately notice the super seal, this seal is actually a very aggressive coating that no other Sound Deadening company has but FatMat! The next wonderful feature of Rattle Trap Super Stick is that it can be applied in virtually any weather conditions cold or hot and still will not require any type of heating to install making it a true one step installation! Another benefit to Rattle Trap Super Stick is that it remains super flexible under any conditions regardless if it's 25 or 100 degrees when you're doing your install, it has no affect on the all new Rattle Trap Super Stick.


Benefits & Features

  • Tremendous Bass Gains
  • 80 mil nominal Thick
  • Can Be Applied In Xtreme Conditions
  • No Heating Required
  • Forms & Bonds To Virtually Anything
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No Hassle Return Policy
  • Coated Super Stick Formula
  • Gain Unbelievable Sound Quality
  • Stop Rattles, Vibration & Noise Control
  • Reduce Distortion
  • Massive DB Gains
  • Practically eliminate Road Noise, Loud Exhaust and Engine Noise
  • Easy Installation (everything needed is supplied)
  • Great For Firewalls, Floors, Doors, Trunks, Side Panels. Roofs and more......
  • May Be Placed Under The Hood
  • Paintable
  • Patented Rubberized Compound
  • Polished Aluminum Shield
  • Very Flexible
  • Keeps Heat In-Cold Out in the Winter, Keeps Cold in-Heat Out in the Summer! A Great Installation!


A vehicle is usually the second largest investment a person makes, many people spend hours upon hours driving them down major highways and large cities throughout the world. Many other use vehicles to produce tremendous sound and large volumes of bass for either personal enjoyment or for extreme competitions such as dB Drags and SQ tournaments. Others enjoy restoring older vehicles for show and personal recreation as well. The point is that we all love automobiles for one reason or another. Did you know that simply by installing one layer of Fatmat in your vehicle you can stop all rattles and vibrations dead in their tracks. Did you know that Fatmat will also stop irritating highway / road noise from entering your vehicle. Fatmat can also be installed on the inside of your firewall to prevent heat and noise transmissions from entering your vehicle. Got a loud exhaust? Well install one layer of Fatmat on your floor and make it go away. How about for the stereo enthusiasts? Fatmat has helped thousands of major competitors bring home the GOLD! Installing just one layer of Fatmat will increase your bass by at least 3 dB and if your real serious about your sounds try installing Rattle Trap Super Stick, the results are 3X's more effective than FatMat Xtreme. Regardless of what your goals are, Fatmat products will help you achieve them. They have worked for thousands and they will work for you as well.


Rattle Trap Super Stick® Foil Damper (FFD) is a light weight composite consisting of a viscoelastic damping compound on an aluminum foil which is bonded onto substrates that are vibrating close to their natural frequency. This constrained layer damping composite offers very high damping over a broad temperature range while adding minimal weight to the existing structure. Rattle Trap Super Stick has a PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) and Peel and release paper with a super sticky coating making it ideal for automotive and many other applications...

An important consideration in the sound dampening of automobiles, boats, homes, computers and buildings is of course selecting the correct products that will be most effective in your application. Our 80 mil nominal rubberized compound is covered with a shiny protective aluminum top as well as a waxed paper release bottom it's exactly what your looking for in order to stop those nasty rattles, eliminate road and outside noise, insulate your vehicle and dramatically improve the sound of your car audio stereo system.



RattleTrap 80Mil With Logo

    • Thickness 80 mil nominal
    • 10 Sq Ft - 2 Sheets 18in X 40in

    • 25 Sq Ft - 1 Roll 18in X 16.75ft 

    • 36 Sq Ft - 9 Sheets 32in X 18in

    • 50 Sq Ft - 1 Roll 33.5ft X 18in

    • 75 Sq Ft - 1 Roll of 18in x 33.5ft and 1 Roll of 18in x 16.75ft

    • 100 Sq Ft - 2 Rolls 33.5ft X 18in

    • 125 Sq Ft - 2 Rolls of 18in x 33.5ft and 1 Roll of 18in x 16.75ft

    • 150 Sq Ft - 3 Rolls 18in x 33.5ft

    • 175 Sq Ft - 3 Rolls of 18in x 33.5ft and 5 Sheets of 18in x 40in

    • 200 Sq Ft - 4 Rolls 18in x 33.5ft

    • Rattle Trap Xtreme 
    • Roller For Easy Installation
    • Cutting Knife
    • Installation Instructions
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