Sound Deadeners are one of the more important enhancements that can be made to your automobile, and they play a critical role. Stop vibrations, road noise, rattles, and increase your car’s audio sound and bass with FatMat Extreme sound deadening mat, or your money back, guaranteed! There is nothing that matches the value and quality of FatMat sound dampening products. In fact, FatMat automotive sound deadening products exceed competitors’ value and quality.

The main ingredients to any automobile are the way they drive and perform, the way they look, and the way they sound. For most of us, standard vehicles are not an option! We require looks, we require power, we require it to rumble, and we also require it to sound good! There are side effects to all of these powerful upgrades which means they will add vibration, rattles, a great deal of heat, and outside and inside noise. Rattle Trap and FatMat products will eliminate these unwanted side effects with auto sound deadening to ensure your vehicle not only rides like a million bucks, but it will sound, and feel like it too!